Vice Versa International launches Code971 programme

18 January 2012
City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is according to Vice Versa International, who recently launched Code971 - "Life with Benefits", an instant reward programme for the UAE residents providing Cash-benefits across a large network of multiple brands and Partners throughout the UAE.

Code971 is based on the Vice Versa principle of Instant rewards and Instant redemption. This means that when getting a Cash-reward at one Partner, you can spend it immediately at the next. And, just like cash, you can buy whatever you desire for your Cash-rewards.

Till the end of DSF 2012 it is free to become a member, where after you must pay for your membership or be invited by a programme Partner or an employer who has purchased a corporate Code971 card for their employees.

Your membership is built around your mobile number and allows you to simply quote your mobile number to avail the benefits, if cards don't fit your wallet size.

'Life with Benefits' is the tag line for Code971 and is, in essence, exactly what you receive when you choose to spend money at Code971 Partners.

The Café will give you new Cash-rewards on your purchase even when you redeem, so you keep benefiting again and again.

The website is where Partners present their benefits to members and where you can put your personal interest at top. A list of 19 categories divides the Partners into relevant lifestyle sections for easy reference. But that's not all, if you are only interested in 10 of the categories you can set your member profile and 'Feeds' accordingly and thereby ensure that you only receive news and offers on brands and services of interest to you! Further, if you are a brand fan, you can mark your Favorite brands as you browse through the Partners online and easily add these to a personal Favorites list. Thereby you ensure not to miss a promotion or news on new collections and events.

The Vice Versa principle and Instant Cash-reward programme is conceived by Vice Versa International and was first introduced five years ago to Dubai when the 'Vice Versa tourist card' for Visitors was launched. Kira Milan, Managing Director of Vice Versa International adds 'our instant Cash-rewards have become increasingly popular and also caught the attention of the domestic market, looking for similar benefits'. We therefore created Code971 for residents of the UAE by putting the very best into one programme offering not only Cash-rewards but also Instant Deals and mobile Voucher Deals. It's tailored to individual needs and provides a significant new edge to today's consumers, who should ask for nothing less in a loyalty and reward programme '.