Members of Code971 Loyalty Programme directly influence charity donation this Ramadan

23 July 2012
City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In the Spirit of Ramadan, the UAE benefits programme 'Code971' has introduced a charity campaign to its members to determine how much will be donated to the less fortunate this year.

The Code971 'Reward and Donate Campaign' secures a direct donation of 2.5% of the total Cash-rewards earned on every purchase by Code971 members during Ramadan. Members still earn their full Cash-rewards as usual however Vice Versa International, the management company of Code971, will equally match and pay the 2.5% awarded Cash-rewards to charity, the UAE Red Crescent.

In essence, the more Code971 members are rewarded across the network of 225 Partners during Ramadan, the more goes to Charity!

"Ramadan is a time of giving, and we as a company are happy to have been accepted as a beneficiary to the UAE Red Crescent charity fund for Ramadan this year." says Ms. Kira Milan, Managing Director of Vice Versa International. "Members earn on average 10% instant Cash-rewards on their purchases across the Code971 Partner network. Since its launch, the Code971 loyalty programme has awarded Dhs1.91m in Cash-rewards to its members. "We are therefore excited to add a new angle to the Code971 programme and benefit the less fortunate under this campaign" Milan adds.

Code971 launched the 'Reward and Donate Campaign' via electronic media, SMS campaigns and facebook pages on the first day of Ramadan, Friday 21st July 2012.