Code971 loyalty programme hands over donation to UAE Red Crescent

12 September 2012
City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

On the 21 August 2012, the UAE benefits programme 'Code971' introduced a charity campaign to its members to determine how much will be donated to the less fortunate during Ramadan 2012.

The Code971 'Reward and Donate Campaign' secured a direct donation of the total Cash-rewards earned on every purchase made by Code971 members during Ramadan. Members still earned their full Cash-rewards as usual however Vice Versa International, the management company of Code971, matched and paid a percentage of all awarded Cash-rewards to charity, the UAE Red Crescent.

Throughout the campaign, Code971 members earned more than a quarter of a million Dirhams in instant Cash-rewards. On the 2 September 2012, Vice Versa International Managing Director, Ms. Kira Milan presented the donation cheque to Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Alhaj Zaroni, Manager of the UAE Red Crescent.

"It is a pleasure that so many Code971 members took part in our 'Reward and Donate campaign' said Milan 'It was our first charity donation and with such support and positive response from our members and Partners, we will continue to find charity opportunities and campaigns in the future. We would like to be seen as a UAE company that cares all the way around from benefiting members, business Partners and the less fortunate in the society!" she continues.