Gift card

The perfect gift for family, friends and VIPs.

The Vice Versa Gift card adds additional benefits to the travel experience by providing all the benefits of a Vice Versa Silver card with the difference of already holding a credit balance of your choice. Purchase the Gift card here online and inform us of the receiver’s preferred delivery address.

The card is ready to be used, the cardholder simply visits their favorite Partners found in the complimentary Premium Guide (or this website) and presents the card to spend the credited reward.
It gets better! The Vice Versa card is always rewarded, so even when spending the credit on a Gift card the cardholder instantly earns new Cash-rewards, added to the reward balance. The Cash-reward can be spent immediately, anytime and anywhere at any Vice Versa Partner.

The Gift card is valid for three months from purchase date and may be upgraded to a Vice Versa Gold card while the card is still valid.

The Gift card includes:

• The Vice Versa Silver gift card
• The destination Premium Guide with full Partner listing and reward rates
• Shopping maps to the most popular tourist shopping locations in the City
• A City map
• Essential city information and travel tips

Get the Vice Versa Gift cardclick here