Welcome Package

The Vice Versa Silver card is presented along with the Premium Guide, and together they form the Vice Versa Welcome Package to your selected Destination.

The Vice Versa Premium Guide is a pocket guide containing information of what you can do in the City and what the City can do for you, in return when using the Vice Versa card.

Printed in Silver and Gold colors, the Premium Guide is an exclusive travel product and useful handbook to the best brands and most attractive rewards in the City. The Guide includes multiple languages.

The Premium Guide includes:

1) The latest edition of the Vice Versa Premium Guide
2) A full listing of all Vice Versa Partners and Cash-reward rates
3) The Vice Versa Silver card
4) Essential City information
5) A City map
6) Shopping maps to the most popular shopping locations in the City
7) Vouchers, Prizes and promotions (from time to time)

The Premium Guide is complimentary with your Vice Versa card. Always check www.viceverscard.com for the latest Vice Versa Partner updates and Cash-rewards.