Affiliate Distribution Partner

Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Airlines and enterprises with an interest in the tourism market are welcome to offer the Vice Versa Welcome package to their guests travelling to any of the Vice Versa destinations.

The Welcome Package, including the Vice Versa card, is designed specifically for the Premium Visitor to the City and is an easy way to add benefits and increase the value of your current services.

It's straight forward! The Vice Versa Silver card is ready to be used immediately, once delivered to you or your guests.

There are no application forms or documents required. You simply give the Vice Versa Welcome package to your guest, who can immediately take the card out and get rewarded at any of the Vice Versa Partners listed in the complimentary Premium Guide.

Benefits of working with Vice Versa?

Welcome Packages may be branded with your company logo, either on the card (front or back) or as a paper insert inside the Welcome Package, allowing you to extend your brand awareness to your guests. Branding is free for purchases above 1,000 Welcome Packages. Terms and conditions apply.

The Vice Versa Welcome Package makes you stand out from competition - in just one product you provide your guests with hundreds of attractive reward Partners and the benefit to bring home more than just memories!       

How to work with Vice Versa?

You may decide to simply purchase the Vice Versa Welcome Package directly at the relevant Vice Versa destination office, or you may want to become an Affiliate Distributions Partner.

For direct card purchases you get a small discount for quantities above 50. You simply complete a card purchase order form – download here – and follow the order procedure mentioned in the form. You are not authorized to sell the Vice Versa Welcome Package unless you are a certified Affiliate Distribution Partner but only provide it as a gift or including it along with your other services.

As an Affiliate Distribution Partner you enter into an agreement with Vice Versa. The agreement provides better terms and also allows you to market and sell the Welcome Package. Vice Versa provides general marketing material free of charge that you may use to market yourself as a Vice Versa Affiliate Partner or use as part of your selling activities.

NB! Vice Versa has a fixed price policy. Affiliate Partners are therefore not allowed to sell the products at any other price than stated on this website.

The Vice Versa Welcome Package may with success be sold at places like: Ticket sales offices at your home destination, travel portals, travel websites, duty free onboard, Airport meet and Greet providers, Destination Management Companies (DMC), shopping / tour providers, hotels and concierge, MICE companies, tourist information desks and much more.

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