Vice Versa® is ready to take on the world

٠١ October ٢٠١٠
City: Dubai

Vice Versa International has finalized its franchise concept and is ready to work with international franchisees to implement their instant cash reward programme for visitors in other cosmopolitan cities.

Press release: Arabian Travel Market, Dubai, 6th May 2009 Vice Versa International FZ-LLC, the management company of the instant reward card for travellers and the leading solution provider of smart card loyalty programmes, returns to ATM for the third time and launches its international franchise concept.

Based on the Vice Versa fundamentals utilizing technology to create simple concepts that generates high value for all stakeholders, the franchise opportunity consists of a complete, end-to-end business platform that will enable future franchisees to become part of the Vice Versa family with ease. A limited investment means that the franchisee can focus on growing their local business, while Vice Versa International provides the brand and infrastructure support needed to hit the ground running.

From the very first sketches on a drawing board even before the launch of the Vice Versa programme for visitors to Dubai at ATM 2007, the programme was designed for international roll-out supporting cross country setup, multiple languages and multiple currencies. Vice Versa International has since last summer been working together with international experts in areas of legal, design, manual writing and franchise development in order to ensure the best possible quality of the total package.

“Launching Vice Versa in the next destination will be another exciting milestone in our quest to become an international brand, recognized, trusted and accepted by quality partners and premium travellers in some of the world’s most exciting cosmopolitan cities,” adds Ole Milan, co-founder of Vice Versa and who is responsible for the international roll out.

Vice Versa has been adopted by the Dubai tourism board as a caring initiative on behalf of the city which set out to become the first multi-destination card that makes sure that visitors always feel that they are getting the recognition they deserve. Based on the number of visitors, more than 40 potential new Vice Versa destinations have been identified and dialogue has already been established with the tourism boards in many of these countries. “Over time, more cities will be targeted, together with the increase in the number of visitors or if justified by expected synergies,” continues Milan.

Companies that wish to pursue the franchise opportunity should expect to spend some time on the mutual evaluation process. Vice Versa will hereafter together with the franchisee agree upon the best way forward to establish their desired city as a new Vice Versa destination.