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We offer a limited amount of pages to advertisers in the The Vice Versa Premium Guide, a key component in the Vice Versa Silver Welcome Package.

Target audience
The Premium Guide is placed in the hands of premium Visitors. Vice Versa has defined the premium Tourist as those who stay in four and five star hotels (business travellers included).

Who should advertise?
• Vice Versa Partners
• Hotels
• Shopping malls and destinations
• Tour operators
• Tourist attractions and services
• Real estate companies
• Airlines
• Car hire services
• Live events and venues
• Credit and payment facility providers

Advertising benefits

Constant visibility in a reference guide - Vice Versa’s Premium Guide is designed to accompany the visitor throughout their stay as a reference guide. It is estimated that the Premium Guide will be referred to by a visitor several times a day for the duration of a stay.

Monthly frequency for up to one month – The Silver card is valid for one month, and the Premium Guide and distribution is designed to accompany the card for the duration of its validity. A new edition is on an average being printed every 3 months - your exposure could last this long.

Limited advertising – The Premium Guide is not a magazine. It is a reference guide. Therefore, we are operating on a lower advertising/editorial ratio of 20:80, enabling advertisers to stand out in an uncluttered media.

Controlled readership – The Welcome pack that includes the Premium Guide to Milan is distributed specifically through tour operators, hotels and tourist service providers reaching the premium traveller through trusted and personal sources.

Bilingual benefits
– The Premium Guide is bilingual, with English and the local language. The guide is also providing the main pages in additional languages i.e. Russian, German and Chinese. Check the specific destination Guide for actual languages.

Exposure alongside the latest essential tourist information - The Premium Guide features tourist information and editorial relevant to the Visitor, as well as a detailed city map.

Editorial content
The Premium Guide features content tailored specifically towards the high spending business Traveller and Tourist. In addition to Partner listing and the tourist maps, The Premium Guide features concise and essential visitor information for the traveller who wants to experience the best of the city’s shopping locaions and boutiques, dining and nightlife, sightseeing, recreation and cultural offerings – whether they are visitng for a few weeks or just a few days.

Advertisement types:
• Full Page
• Logo placement on Shopping Maps
• Logo on front cover
• Logo on cards
• Bookmarks
• Inserts

Advertising rates
For 2011 advertising rates, contact the relevant Vice Versa office