Things to Do

Places to be, landmarks to see, districts to visit and things to do. This is your list of top ten things you just can’t miss during your fi rst visit to Milan—and if it isn’t your fi rst, we invite you to go back and rediscover what you might have missed. These are ten experiences to be savored like a favorite dish: as slowly or as quickly as you desire. In this city, even history has a style of its own!

Milan: between past and future

Milan, the main city of northern Italy, is a frantic and restless city. The nerve center of finance and creative construction Milan has a vibrant heart of energy fueled by artists, musicians and street performers.
Ancient sights include the Cathedral, Leonardo’s Last Supper and the Castle while more modern sights include the Golden Quadrilateral fashion, temple of design and advertising.
Laborious during the day but exciting by night! Milan is where the style the remaining world envies not only in design and fashion, but also in the unmistakable “Italian way of life”. Although boasting ancient origins, Milan is Italy’s most modern and evolving city, chosen to host the Expo 2015 on sustainable development.