Getting About

Taxis are the most convenient way to get around Milan. Finding a taxi in the city is easy, especially in the central area. Milan taxis are white and their viability is enhanced with bus lanes.
The numbers to call a taxi are:
- +39 02 8585
- +39 02 4040
- +39 02 6969

Active since 1960, the metro is ideal for quickly moving to the suburbs and around the city. Tickets cost 1 Euro and are valid for surface transport within 75 minutes from validation. The three metro lines are identified by the color red – line 1, green – line 2, yellow – line three. Work is in progress to build the fourth line.

Surface transport
Milan area has an excellent network of trams and buses with more than 70 lines. Tickets, always at a cost of 1 Euro, cannot be bought on carriage, but in bars, newsstands and in automatic distributors. Fact: some of the historic trams, orange with wooden interior, were sent toCalifornia to serve the tramway in San Francisco.

For a short trip in the historic center, the city of Milan offers a bike sharing service. There are bike collection points spread throughout the city where bicycles are numerous, and the first thirty minutes of use are free. It can be very good to shoot for Milan by bike due to the traffic. 

Most of the tourism interest places are concentrated in the center and within walking distance. The Cathedral and Castle are ideal starting points to begin to explore Milan.