Essential Information

Local time
GMT/UTC GMT/UTC +2 (DST starts the last Sunday of March and ends the last day of October)

Electricity: 220V 50

Currency: Euro

The official language is Italian however English is widely spoken.

The economic engine of the country, Milan houses the Stock Exchange and other financially relevant national and international companies. Milan develops much of its economy in the fashion, design and architectural industries and hosts the largest trade fair in Europe.

Roman Catholic. Witness the ultimate symbol of Milan: the Cathedral, with its little gold Madonna atop. Other religions include Judaism, Muslim and Protestants.

During summer you should be aware that if visiting holy places you are required to cover your legs and shoulders. Regarding evening wear, some restaurants and hotels have a stylish dress code, as do some discos and clubs.

Local Festivals and Celebrations
On 7th December Milan celebrates St. Ambrose, patron saint of the city, with religious celebrations and traditional fairs. On the same day the opera season at La Scala is inaugurated.

Credit Cards
All credit cards, debit (Bancomat) and prepaid cards are generally accepted, however it is advisable to ask in advance.