Business in Milan

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We have included some ‘insider’ information you might find useful below:

Update on the Milan Economy

While Rome is Italy’s political capital, Milan is the country’s economic and financial heart. Fashion, design, media and finance are the advanced sectors that drive Milan’s economy. In Milan, are located the recording studios of the national broadcaster RAI and the largest private TV company Mediaset  as well as Italy’s stock exchange.

Moreover, the city has one of Europe’s largest trade fair systems of over 1,600,000 sq. m and about 5 million visitors arrive from all over the world every year in order to attend around 70 major events. But Milan is more than only business, it is also leader in the sector of non- profit organizations with 6,000 bodies.

In other words, Milan is Italy’s economic driver.

Doing business in Milan

A firm and friendly handshake is the usual greeting in most social and business situations in Milan, although when meeting friends, the Italians tend to be more enthusiastic and they kiss and hug. New acquaintances are normally addressed on first name terms as the Italians are informal and don’t have strict codes of etiquette. Business cards are used throughout Italy and are often exchanged

In many cases, Italians don’t speak English fluently but they are always  willing to help you. Learning few words in Italian will be useful.

Hello/ nice to meet you: Piacere
Goodmorning: Buongiorno
Thank you: Grazie
Please: Per favore
Yes/ No: Si/ No

Business hours

In general, most offices in Milan will operate between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday, although business hours do vary from one industry to another. Most Milan banks open between 08:30 to 13:30 and 14:45 to 15:45, Monday to Friday. Almost every bank in the heart of the city has ATMs outside that accept a wide network of cards.