Become a Reward Partner

The Vice Versa card is offered exclusively to premium Visitors by Tour operators, Airport agents, travel agents and a large distribution network throughout shopping destinations and Tourist points. The Vice Versa card is provided as a Welcome Package, focusing mainly on the Partners and Cash-rewards that the Visitor receives when choosing to purchase at a Partner.

The Vice Versa website is promoted as a travel reward card where Visitors, planning their trip, can request for the Vice Versa card to be delivered to their hotel and receive it at check-in. The website and the Vice Versa Premium Guide promote every Partner brand and service.  For a quick live example – click here.

Vice Versa gives the Visitor an incentive to spend at specific places, while providing Partners with a low-cost, effortless tool to create awareness and bring more Tourists to their stores.

Partnering with Vice Versa provides a list of advantages:

It is easy to become a Partner and start welcoming more Visitors. As a Partner you ensure that a large number of Visitors are made aware of your market presence, and that your brands are brought to the Visitors’ attention first!  

Participating in the Vice Versa tourist card provides:
•    The Vice Versa Premium Guide, Partner listing and presentation
•    Vice Versa’s website, Partner listing and presentation 
•    Logos on Shopping maps / Dining Maps
•    Performance reports and additional promotions or sales activities, e.g. cross promotions, store promotions,
     receipt branding, advertisement, member campaigns etc.

The ongoing participation cost is performance based. It is up to you, the Partner, to decide the Cash-reward percentage - but of course, the better rewards you offer, the higher Visitor footfall.

Participation provides additional revenue with little effort from your side.
The large distribution and marketing of the Vice Versa Tourist card ensures you a stake in the high potential Tourist segment and spend.

To become a Partner, please or contact a Vice Versa office.